How it Works

IdolGame is your premium games destination! Get unlimited access to our growing catalogue of over 1600 games from the most popular to all the classics. You can now play games from anywhere 24/7. To start playing games, simplyu follow the instructions below.

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  • Safe, secure PC games for everyone in the family.

  • These are the full downloadable version games from leading publishers, packaged, and securely delivered right to your computer.

  • We stream the games to you so you can get playing almost right away, before it has fully installed, using your high speed Internet connection.

  • You can access the service on up to 5 PCs in your home so the entire family can play games together or on their own computers.

  • We're 64 bit compatible and compatible with the latest Microsoft operating systems - Windows┬« Vista and Windows ┬«7

  • Some games are "Cloud Save" enabled, meaning you can save your games on our network and then access your game saves from any computer, anywhere, without having to restart the game.

  • Our streamed downloads means you save your bandwidth allowance and can queue more than one game to download at the same time.

Technical Support

What is being installed on my system, is it necessary to play and download games?
Yes it is necessary: In order to protect the copyrights of the content holders, IdolGame requires installation of the IdolGame player. The player facilitates the downloading of games and communication with IdolGame. This player will run in the background and requires no attention. Subsequent to installation, this player will be launched on every attempt to access premium content.
I have downloaded a game, why does it ask me to add to the library again?
Sometimes the system losses track of which machine you are on. If the game has been downloaded, simply click again on play/add to library, and it will recognise you and give you access to game without further downloading. Make sure to click on download now to access the game.
I have received error, and I cannot install the IdolGame player.
If you received an error (ex. Installation Failed; Download Interrupted; Error Downloading; Activation Errors: (599), (703), (771), (772), (805), (998)) or you're simply having trouble downloading or activating your PC game, there may be interfering software that is preventing the game from downloading and installing successfully. Please check your antivirus, firewall, and other related applications.
What is IdolGame?
IdolGame is a Games on Demand service. Currently we offer a monthly subscription packages of games. Subscribers can access and play over 1,600 games and play as much as they want.
How many games can I play with my subscription?
The in-game system requirements will vary with every game. Each game has their minimum system requirement displayed within their respected game page. Compare your system to the game's system requirements to ensure smooth game playing.
Can I play Games on another PC?
You can play all the games available in the subscription catalogue.
How many games can I play with my subscription?
As long as you have an active account, and the PC has the Yummy Games Player installed, you can login and play. Simply sign in with your user name and password on a computer that has Internet access via broadband and the Yummy Games Player installed.

Note: You will not be able to access your previously saved games when switching computers, and will need to download your games on this remote computer again.
How many computers can I install and use the IdolGame Player on?
The Yummy Games Player can be installed on any number of computers. However, you can access the service on up to 5 computers located at the same IP address (e.g. one household) at one time. Please note that you will need to download games separately onto each machine, and the game saves will be saved onto the local machine.